We are a team of professionals with organizational & social psychology degrees (MSc, Ph.D.), international coaching practices (qualified coaches), and years of first-hand experience in the entrepreneurial and business worlds. Our backgrounds make us trust in the potential each one of you holds and in the right, you have to build a mindset that overcomes the challenges you face. Our belief is that human nature, supported in the right way, transforms into a catalyst for greater well-being and prosperity.

Experiencing first-hand the need for significant change in how we deal with human talent and potential as well as the lack of dedicated psychological enhancement and support, ILC's founder created a practice that makes a genuine difference in the domain of high-performers.  

​The company was founded in 2014 as sole trading practice in London, initially under the name “Ina Life Coaching”, with a vision of not only helping the discovery and realization of people's true aspirations but also with the aim to prevent burnouts, identity crises and stress. 

The client portfolio started to grow. Ever since we've walked side by side all individuals & companies that dared to explore new horizons in performance and continue to challenge ourselves to consistently give more value. Born from a mission that hasn't changed throughout the years, we become stronger with each client we serve. 

What's behind ILC's expertise:



Qualified performance coach and a member of the ICF, an MSc in Organisational Psychology, a Ph.D. in Social Psychology and a former Management Consultant in Capital Markets, Ina is a professional truly passionate about bridging the gap between psychology and business as she understands the link and true value that this provides. Supporting high-performers, entrepreneurs, and business achievers, her goal is for you to realize your potential and deal with the inevitable challenges with more ease. 


  • Entrepreneurial Coaching (addressing unique challenges of start-ups, founders, VCs, investors and more)

  • Business Training & Team Interventions

  • Career Changes & Transition periods

  • Organizational and Social Psychologist (developing tailored strategies for businesses and individuals)

  • Speaker & Mentor


Combining Coaching, NLP, and Psychology with Investment Banking (IB), Consulting, and Entrepreneurial backgrounds, is what makes the work she does that extra bit results-oriented, authentic, and 'to the point', translating the theory into pure practice.



Krisztina is a qualified coach from the Coaching Academy UK, with 5 years of professional coaching experience to date. Passionate, driven and simply sunny, she specializes in the work with female high-performers who are:

  • Coming back from maternity leave and facing a new type of stress and challenges

  • Going through IVF treatments, which could often be mentally and emotionally difficult

  • Changing or considering changing their field of work completely

With experience in large corporate organizations such as Uniliver, Masters degree in Business, and many years of personal development under her belt, she has a soft spot for helping those who are going through the difficult journey of motherhood. Passionate about healthy living as well, Krisztina will be there to help you define and achieve a better mindset and lifestyle.



Being a part of the International Coach Federation in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - Institute for Population & Human Studies, allows us to have one of the greats professionals on board for the variety of specific needs our clients have. Not every coach or every psychologist is the right one for each situation so we have the privilege to be able to provide you with a portfolio of profiles you can choose from.

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