We are a team of professionals with international coaching experience, proud graduates from the Coaching Academy UK and Erickson Coaching International respectively, accredited by the ICF.

We trust in the huge potential people hold and in their right to build a successful mind-set that overcomes the challenges they face.

Our belief is that the human nature, supported in the right way, transforms into a catalyst for greater well-being, happiness and prosperity.


Back in 2013 Valentina (Ina) was still working as a full-time capital markets consultant in some of the most prestigious firms in the London-city. Experiencing first-hand the need of change, she started to intensively study performance coaching and psychology.

And that’s how the story began…

The company was founded in 2014 as sole trading practice in London, initially under the name “Ina Life Coaching”, with a vision of making a genuine difference in the lives of high-performing individuals, enabling them to discover and realise their true aspirations. The client’s portfolio started to grow.

Since then we walk side by side all individuals we’ve worked with, continuing to challenge ourselves to give more.

We were born from a mission that hasn't changed throughout the years and becomes stronger with each client we serve.  We are experts in our field who believe your psychology and your outer reality are the two sides of the same coin. We have and forever will walk the talk, making sure we as an organization remain devoted to creating real positive impact.​



"It’s not so often that you meet someone that can make a change in your life for just a couple of hours. Well, Valentina is definitely a person that can do that."

—  Veska S., Pricing Analyst,
London, UK

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