Vladimir S.

Founder & Principal

London, UK

Choosing Valentina was a really good decision for me. She is super professional, laser focused and surprisingly tough. That's exactly what needed to bring change to people's lives. Wish her all the best.

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Daniel S. 

Serial Entrepreneur & Writer

London, UK

The coaching  helped me become more aware of my though process and the pitfalls of certain patterns that I had. This resulted in clarity that allows me to better assess my present situation and what was important. I am more self-confident and back on the road to success.


Veska S.

Team Lead, Pricing Analyst

London, UK

It’s not so often that you meet someone that can make a change in your life for just a couple of hours. Well, Valentina is definitely a person that can do that


Audrey Tompson

Manager, Accenture

London, UK

We had multiple challenges that we wanted to address at the request of our colleagues – from how to achieve the infamous work-life balance to how to deal with difficult stakeholders. Valentina managed to reframe how we thought about work-life balance and it completely changed the way I personally now approach balancing my personal goals with my career goals


Elitza D.


Sofia, Bulgaria

I had an important career related decision to make where I felt stuck ... Ina helped me identify my limiting beliefs & fears that were preventing me to make a decision. She would never tell me what to do, but would help me understand what is a real obstacle...Together we composed a plan with measurable goals ...What sets apart Ina from other coaches, in my opinion, is her uniquely positive and compassionate personality. She believed in me in a tough period, she encouraged me to follow my passions even if it meant getting up at 5 AM and I had the impression that she truly, genuinely cared about helping me to succeed

Dr. Raza Shah

Industrial & Product Designer
London, UK

Valentina’s sessions were extremely valuable! I have undertaken an individualised process with her that has taken me through important stages to look ahead to the future. Her experience, input and a personable approach were essential to reviewing my current situation and evaluating future needs in an objective and realistic manner. Valentina has the skill and ability to enable/facilitate deeper questioning of both the personal and professional motives behind a desired direction before embarking on a particular course of action or strategy. I would certainly recommend Valentina . She has provided me with the necessary environment and individualised tools in an meaningful, realistic and purposeful way to overcome perceived barriers to progression and future aspirations. 

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