"If You Are Going To Be a Bear, Be a Grizzly!"

"If you are going to be a bear, be a Grizzly!"

This famous quote has given me strength in the toughest of situations and it has been a source of power and motivation when I’ve been in doubt. Some say it is a wisdom from Mahatma Gandhi, I can only evidence that it appears in the "Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories: Our Veterans Remember" by Jennifer Miller. However, regardless of the true frist source, it’s not only a phrase I love, but one that proved to lead my spirit forward. One that I want to identify myself with and share it with you.

The meaning of this almost simple sentence is multi-layered and applicable to many life aspects, but above all it is an Attitude and Sense of Identity! Few of the interpretations are below yet “be a grizzly” encompasses them all and more it serves as a daily reminder so needed in life:

  • Whoever you want to be – be it and be the best of it.

  • Whatever you do – do it full-heartedly.

  • Whenever you are scared of making a mistake – keep the big picture in mind; question if being scared is worth it.

  • Whenever you are scared of being hurt by someone – don’t hold back, love passionately regardless (the ability to love is not a limited resource).

  • Whenever your ego is on the line – remember it’s not the eyes of others that define a grizzly.

The grizzly is the strongest - mentally and physically. An animal that doesn’t tolerate weak attempts and takes definitive decisions. It troughs itself at the best of opportunities and calmly passes by the seemingly tempting little wins. Being a ‘grizzly’ represents the inner power to not settle for less than you are capable of.

Few however, recognize that a grizzly is not born that way but BECOMES one!

The baby bear is blind, hairless and toothless and builds its strength over time. It turns into an incredibly intelligent, fierce and adaptive winner in the wild world, not doubting its character. In human terms it is a process of self-discovery, self-development with commitment to yourself and those you care for.

The lack of doubt and certainty in decision making is what distinguishes those animals and makes them proud representatives of sheer power. Life as a grizzly is life filled with more true content than the one most of us live at some point – filled with doubts, unconfirmed assumptions and self-sabotaging thoughts that stress us.

Why not live like a grizzly? The fear of failure is what stops us, grown-ups. But reality is that failure is not something that exists in the outer world. Do you carry some failure in your purse today today? Did you bring some fear too? It doesn't really exists. How much will it cost you to be as brave as a grizzly then? How much will you lose if anything at all? Today adopt this empowering phrase “If you are going to be a bear, be a grizzly” and use it in the moments of doubt or fear. Use it when faced with a difficult decision. Turn it into an integral part of you and start noticing the differences when you act like one!

A small step just like that is a big move in the grand scheme of things. A small step it seems may be the trampoline for the jump of a life-time.

Because a life lived in fear of being the best of yourself is life frankly half-lived.

Hold on tight to you ...you already are a grizzly!

Love and Respect, Ina.

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