The 10 Struggles of Modern Society

Life is indeed complicated but is it as much as we make it ourselves?

Find out the 10 struggles of modern society and look straight into the eyes of absurd. Have fun and take those 5 minutes to breath a little.

1. Need for Speed!

Yes, you Schumacher... We want fast results, we love fast food (or in the best case scenario 10-15min restaurant service), we read only bullet point lists with “10 wisdoms” just like this one, we prefer immediate fixes to sustainable solutions ... There is a difference between living to the fullest and passing through life without having the ability to notice it and feel it! Slow down if you dare.

2. Deep addiction to Problems

On the question “How is it going?” how often you hear any of the below:

"Oh, it's really busy lately!","Loads of stress, but hey - life”, "So many problems", "I feel like I am the only one working here!”, "Life sucks!", "I have no time" and the diamond - "I am fine" with a tone of voice that kills you inside.

Where focus goes energy flows and that cannot be more true in the case of our addiction to problems and complications... You are not becoming any more special than you already are by having more and/or bigger problems. Stop it!

3. Relationships = Expectation to find your cloning which perfectly fits your life schedule... “Now is not the time for me to be in a relationship. I have it in the pipeline though when I am 30 and I am exactly where I want to be in my career too”. Or the alternative version to that - "I want him/her to be ... XYZ- basically extraordinary amazing - not even thinking that you might need to work a little on yourself in order to attract "Miss/Mrs amazing". Do we need to mention love doesn’t really ask you about the pipeline schedule? Keep the positive outlook but make it happen too if you want it. :) Good luck.

4. Rat Race or The Enchanted Circle of never ending, fruitless efforts We master in 'ignoring our core needs' and we chase goals, untrue to our nature. Then we call this a 'rat-race' and blame 'life' for being the way it is. Lack of awareness on what exactly we want and what is our life about easily puts us in a position where we end up in a routine cycle that is often not satisfactory to say the least. Many are in a subtle yet constant state of "depression" and experiencing anxiety is considered "the norm". In reality, any healthy person who has a clear view of what drives them in life and on a daily basis can confirm that experiencing happiness becomes "the norm".

5. Social Media Depression

Social media turned following every step of celebrities and/or your friends into a cult and daily habit. In turn all of them ALWAYS have more and better pictures; go to more and better places; look and sound happier, more successful and cooler than you! Time for a reality check? ... No, not up for that challenge? - OK, instead 'delete' your account again for a while. You knew you don’t need it anyway…

6. Living the Life of Others You need to have more money, be more sociable, have more Facebook likes, be prettier, exercise more, have a better job, be an entrepreneur, be freer, be in a relationship, not be in a relationship, travel more, have more clothes, have better hair, volunteer more, have more fun … This is simply overwhelming. And no one! I repeat - no one can produce the results they want if they constantly feel overwhelmed. It is imperative to find out what exactly matters to you and to consistently start prioritizing. I would say "get a coach now"!

7. Equality of Sexes = Let’s all do, love, be good at, act and think the same way... When we differ - judge until you kill the opponent! “You are such a typical woman/ guy”

Western societies aim at promoting equality of sexes and giving equal opportunities. This is a wonderful concept! However, we instead often create an environment which requires all of us to be the same and excel at things the same way. What's more that "same way" is more or less measured against male benchmarks. We are ignoring differences and respective strengths at times when such distinction can be useful. On the other hand we do use exactly those differences to ridicule others and to put them down in an attempt to usually demonstrate (personal) dominance over someone else. *Please note the above "issues" are exhibited by both sexes.

8. My best friend is my Phone and I kiss it goodnight! “Siri really likes me dude and I like her too”... no further comments.

9. Last week is now considered to be History Full adaptability to substantial and constant changes is an expectation...3 new phone models came out for the past two weeks and you feel like you need to change yours because it's 'old' now... this is stressful.

10. Ageism in all its Glory! Discrimination and limiting social perceptions hurt people across all age groups. God forbid you age normally and your face and body change with that. On top of the "normal" discriminatory behaviors (e.g. being rejected for a position because you are not a 20-something) there is additional superficial pressures such as the expectation to exercise and eat well. Yes, you should because it is healthy and good for you, but most of would be motivated to do it out of subconscious fear that if you don't you won't look good ... especially with the birthdays piling up.

Something to think about



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