How To Sell Yourself & Why It Is So Difficult

There is something about selling yourself...

You see, I need to sell myself. I own my own little business, I also have a full time demanding job ...of course I need to sell...myself.

People need to get to know me. I need to get to know them. We need to attract each other in all sorts of ways. I need to sell ideas, dreams, desires too. Be active and proactive about it. I don’t sell anything I don’t believe in. I don’t judge or dislike selling. I know now is not lying. It is supposed to be a beautiful process.

Yet, standing here, munching on nuts, tapping away on my keyboard after a sell I think of how much I don’t want to sell myself. Maybe it’s just for today or maybe it’s only a phase but there is something about selling… you've been there, I have no doubt.

Sip of a strong coffee from a tiny and lovely cup crystallized a thought! Selling expects people to buy us in return. “Buy me”. “Pick me”. “Like me” and “Love me”. The buyer as if has the power to chose and we all dance in a circle where one minute you are the buyer the next I am the one. Ballroom filled with sporadic shouts and grins from ear to ear, too big to be natural, asking for precious attention. I want to stop dancing. I want to sit down and be comfortably me. I don’t want to sell my smile today, I just want to have it. I don’t want to sell you my dreams and enchant you with all my beliefs – I just want to dream and believe. Relaxed, beautiful. far from shelf-polished and curious with eyes of a child and confidence of a queen I’d like to just be. The clocks are running too fast. By default you are always too late when selling yourself. Ticking off boxes, running around, jumping through hoops to be picked by the others. What if I just was? Can I sell me with colours less vibrant, pathos less enthusiastic and the content … still the same?

Another sip of a coffee and I’m thinking – I’ll try!

Selling is governed by rules but we all play by interpretations of those. Selling yourself it turns out is like a movie we create for ourselves. It is as real as any other production of someone’s subjective mind. What are the rules and the images you’ve decided to play by when selling yourself? What makes you not like it, not want it? Stressful perhaps or maybe too forced? Frustrated that effort is needed or scared rejection is coming?

I am still sitting here on the side of the ballroom of selling. Comfortably tucked in my wonderful dark green dress and then, something happens. A gentleman or a lady approaches me, handing their hand as invitation to dance. I just got bought with no need of pathos. For every train there are passengers. The key is just one – drop the horror movie, drop the equivalent to my ballroom filled with weird smiles and unnatural handshakes and create a new one that pulls you in irresistably. Allow to comfortably dance around in your tempo.



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