Based on Individual Packages Available

The Personal Sessions are highly tailored, specifically designed to address your unique needs and support you in achieving the goals you have, finding a clear path ahead...

~45 euro / session
detailed packages exist


Based on Individual Needs & Intensity

Executive & Managerial Coaching Sessions  are made to support and assist those individuals who face  and deal with constant pressures and the expectations from the ranking... 

55 euro / session

packages exists


Based on Individual or Team Requirements

Entrepreneurial & Start-up Sessions are for both individuals (e.g. a founder) as well as start-up teams.  They focus on the very specific & unique challeneges you face...

~45 euro/ session
detailed packages exist


Based on Number of Participants 

From Corporate Trainings to highly tailored team interventions or designing with you the best HR strategy, we bring practical know-how and skills your way...

~ 47.5 euro/ person


Based on sensitivity & Unique Requirements

For Investors, Business Angels and Venture Capitalists who want to assess the human factor potential prior to investing or consider the benefits of supporting teams and founders, already in their portfolio, in a timely and clever way ...

~110 euro/ assessment report

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